• Behind the Lens

    Hi, I’m Patrick Twomey and I love capturing those special moments in people’s lives. I’ve been doing photography for many years. It started out as a hobby. I love to hike and my camera was always the first thing I packed up. Taking pictures of the beautiful countryside, pictures of friends and family, and weddings on the weekends, became the norm for me. But as my passion grew I was able to make photography my full time career. I like making each and every photo session special and fun. I take the time to get to know my clients; I want their photos to reflect their unique and special personalities. I’ll go the extra mile to capture the best photo. Standing, sitting, lying on the ground or up on a ladder, I’ll do whatever it takes to get that picture.

    I have spent a lot of time perfecting my skills in Photoshop and many other computer programs to be able to add unique special effects, enhancements, or other special needs into a photograph. Have you ever tried to get the entire family together for that special family photo only to have one family member unable to attend? I’ve been the photographer at more than one of these sessions and have been able to magically add the missing family member into the photo. Have you color coordinated your groups outfits only to find that someone “didn’t get the memo” and show up in yellow when everyone else is in blue? It’s not a disaster, I can correct that; everyone will show up in the picture in blue.

    Whether it’s a group gathering, family photo, senior portrait, baby pictures, engagement or wedding I love to do it all!

    Over the last few years I have received many requests to photograph commercial events. My skills as a personal event photographer were a perfect match to those required for commercial events, golf tournaments, or company picnics. My goal is to put everyone at ease and capture the fun of the event. My Photoshop skills are particularly useful for commercial photography to ensure businesses and products are presented in the best possible way for commercial marketing, websites, social media or whatever the need.

  • Patrick Twomey